Listen To .Fe “Mother Russia” & “Giddy Up” (Stream)

    All we know about the mysterious vocalist and songwriter .Fe is that she’s based out of London and she describes her music as “A cloud dipped in vanila.” That description may actually be quite accurate. Because what started out as just two videos of her singing her two songs “Let It Go” and “Remarkable Affair” and now followed up with “Mother Russia” and “Giddy Up,” her music is as sweet and chilling as vanila ice cream. Her vocals are sultry and glide over the sensual music she’s produced.

    So while we wait to find out more about the alluring .Fe, listen to her two tracks below to find out just why her music is slowly starting a ripple a la Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.”

    “Mother Russia”


    “Giddy Up”