Listen To Eminem F. Rihanna “Monster” (Stream)

    Remember the days when a superstar’s main-priority single was usually released a few months before the album release? Well, those days are now long gone. With a week until his new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 release, Eminem decides to collaborate with Rihanna again for a potential smash called “Monster” which was released this evening.  Once you’re finished listening to this track, you will know that this is heading straight for pop radio. Replicating the singles formula of the past two albums, some Eminem fans who may want him to stay in pre-Relapse/Recovery mode may turn this down, but those who like “Love The Way You Lie” will turn it up. Hip Hop heads, you do have “Rap God,” you know.

    To hear “Monster,” check it out below.