Listen To Earl Sweatshirt’s New Track “Chum”

    Reports have circled the ‘net recently that Earl Sweatshirt has been filming a new music video for “Chum.” Well, before we see any visuals, Odd Future’s prodigal son goes ahead and debuts the brand new track via Tumblr—and let’s just say these months of waiting for some new Earl have been worth it. The joint fits comfortably in that pocket of dusty, nostalgic hip-hop, à la EARL, steered by thumping drums, a subtle bassline and an off-kilter, yet nonetheless infectious, piano sequence. It goes without saying, the kid’s rhymes are as expertly crafted as always.

    Enjoy “Chum” below as we await more updates from Mr. Sweatshirt and that debut album (which he tells us features Tyler, Frank, Pharrell and a crap load more insane talents).