Listen To David Bowie “Love Is Lost” (James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem Remix)

    As David Bowie made his move to get back into the heat of things, he hasn’t slowed down since the release of his first album in a decade, The Next Day. He’ll continue this charge with an expanded three-disc edition of the album. It’ll feature a handful of unreleased songs such as “Atomica” and “The Informer.” In addition to unreleased tracks, it’ll feature an epic 10-minute remix by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy. His song “Love Is Lost,” subtitled “Hello Steve Reich Remix” has the additional hand clap music created by the composer. So if you love David Bowie and miss LCD Soundsystem, the remix by Murphy will have you drooling at your ears.

    The expanded three-disc edition is going to be dropped on November 5, 2013 via Columbia Records.


    Stream the remix below: