Listen To Daft Punk’s “No End” (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix) (Stream)

    New Daft Punk is at hand and everyone’s so excited that even admirers such as producers Art Institute had the balls to upload faux productions of their tracks and label them as Daft Punk’s. But, in their defense some of their work was pretty good and paid an homage to the legendary French duo.

    And this time around Hungarian producer We Plants Are Happy Plants did some of his own good will and remixed the short sample we got from the Daft Punk commercial we got during ‘SNL’ last weekend. No bombastic overhaul was done to the sample, but it was looped and then gloriously given a nice accompaniment to keep that little tease we got going. 

    Listen to We Plants Are Happy Plants’  work below:

    [Hype Trak]