Listen to Capital STEEZ’s Last Recorded Song, “Last Straw” Feat. SMTH

    For the Progressive Era collective, Capital STEEZ’s sudden passing will remain a hard blow.  But, as most unfortunate incidents tend to do, the passing also provided Joey Bada$$ inspiration for heartfelt songs such as “#LongLiveSteelo”, the bonus track on his latest Summer Knights EP.  Some may even speculate that the death brought out a more emotional side to Joey Bada$$’s craft whether Joey decides to display his emotions in the form of sadness or anger.  Only two days after the release of Summer Knights, Billboard premiered Capital STEEZ’s last recorded song “Last Straw.”  On this song, the Brooklyn born rapper appears as a feature.  The main rapper on the song is SMTH, who says that Capital STEEZ “… was a wizard with words to say the least.” 

    Recorded only five days before his death, Captial STEEZ’s verse gives us a glimpse of the talent he continuously displayed: “The difference between you and I is that/I can rap and I don’t brag about designer bags/Besides the fact that these guys are wack/It took me fifteen minutes just to write this track.”  His posthumous album King Capital is set to be released later this year.