Listen To Belle & Sebastian’s “You Can Do It If You Try” For Yo Gabba Gabba! (Prefix Premiere)

    Joining Peter, Bjorn & John, The Roots, Metric, Biz Markie, George Clinton and many others, Belle & Sebastian will be also contributing to the next “Yo Gabba Gabba!” compilation titled: Gabba Gabba! Music Is Awesome! Four. Previous installments of the series included artists such as Weezer, The Shins, Chromeo, Of Montreal, Devo and others.

    Belle & Sebastian’s track “You Can Do It If You Try” fits perfectly into the Nickelodeon demographic with its whimsical arrangement and Stuart Murdoch’s bubbly voice. The horns, woodwinds, thumping bass and percussion all meld together in a youthful harmony. The song also contains some of the most positive lyrics ever written. “When things seem very hard, don’t hang up your hat. You’ll get through it if you try,” and “You’ll get there only if you don’t give up” must be some of the most uplifting lyrics ever sung. It makes absolute sense as to why Murdoch and company were tapped for their sugar coated indie pop.

    The compilation will be released tomorrow, Oct. 9.