Listen To An Unreleased Song From Jay Z And Daft Punk, “Computerized”

    It seems like Kanye West isn’t the only ubiquitous rapper Daft Punk has worked with, as it has been confirmed by Pitchfork that the dance duo have also collaborated with Jay Z.

    For the past few hours there has been a leaked song titled “Computerized” that has been making its rounds across websites, rumored to be from France’s best musical export Daft Punk and Jay Z. Initially thought to be a TRON rework of the unreleased “The Son of Flynn,” “Computerized” has been confirmed to be a real collaboration. 

    While there is no information on its time of recording or confirmation for release, Pitchfork notes that it may have been recorded before the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail as Jay Z raps of still using a Blackberry. Hear the song below.