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Listen To A Preview Of The 'Skyfall' Theme And Check Out Its Track Listings

Music is an important part of action movies in general and James Bond movies in particular. The score of 007 movies are so iconic that it wouldn't be a legitimate installment in the series if it wasn't present. Bond films also switch tone pretty quickly, from an elegant dinner party to a frenetic chase scene at the drop of a hat, so a good composer is essential. 

Fortunately, Skyfall will be accompanied by music fitting for the tale. According to IndieWire, Sam Mendes has reteamed with the composer who's created accompaniment for nearly all of his pictures, Thomas Newman. The names of the tracks have been released, and reading them will give you as much of a taste of what the film is about than anything else. 

"Skyfall" Soundtrack Tracklisting

1. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (05:14)
2. Voluntary Retirement (02:22)
3. New Digs (02:32)
4. Severine (01:18)
5. Brave New World (01:50)
6. Shanghai Drive (01:26)
7. Jellyfish (03:22)
8. Silhouette (00:56)
9. Modigliani (01:04)
10. Day Wasted (01:31)
11. Quartermaster (04:58)
12. Someone Usually Dies (02:29)
13. Komodo Dragon (03:20
14. The Bloody Shot (04:46)
15. Enjoying Death (01:13)
16. The Chimera (01:58)
17. Close Shave (01:32)
18. Health & Safety (01:29)
19. Granborough Road (02:32)
20. Tennyson (02:14)
21. Enquiry (02:49)
22. Breadcrumbs (02:02)
23. Skyfall (02:32)
24. Kill Them First (02:22)
25. Welcome to Scotland (03:21)
26. She’s Mine (03:53)
27. The Moors (02:39)
28. Deep Water (05:11)
29. Mother (01:48)
30. Adrenaline (02:18)

To prepare even further for movie, listen to the brief preview of the score below. James Bond is a classic, so modern music won't do. Thankfully, Newman has kept the soundtrack sufficiently epic, timeless and evocative. 

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