Listen: The Hood Internet’s “Nightchain” (Wale x Kavinsky)

    You can always count on The Hood Internet duo to dole out quality marriages between hip-hop and other genres, and for their latest product they’ve brought together sounds from Wale’s “Chain Music” and Kavinsky’s electro hit “Nightcall” that drops the respective tones into different uniforms.

    The thick instrumentals on Wale’s original are carved off for the mellow pace of Kavinsky’s synth loop, throwing the whole of it (especially Ross’ “chain so big can’t pop my collar”) into something you’d imagine hearing in the local hip-hop central of an anime cartoon. I’m more interested in catching Wale’s reaction rather than Kavinsky’s, though there are probably some strange faces coming from each camp.

    There hasn’t been any word yet as to what The Hood Internet are up to, but hopefully this is alluding to a new set of mash-ups for 2012, because there’s plenty of fodder for the cannon floating around.