Listen to ‘Super Limited’ Arcade Fire 12″ ‘Everything Now’ [UPDATED]

    First Arcade Fire musical offering since January unveiled.

    Arcade Fire Everything Now Vinyl

    Update (June 1): The video featuring “Everything Now” playing at Discos Paradisos is back up again. Watch below.

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    Update: It appears as the uploader has since removed the video, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled and our ears pricked to share the single as it’s released.

    Reddit users have continued to prove their formidable detective chops. The past few weeks have seen our indie superstars subvert traditional promotional means, venturing instead towards mystery and enigma. (Take Aphex Twin and Lorde, for example). And self-styled internet cryptologists have responded in kind by convening to crack each code like it’s their day job.

    Arcade Fire are the latest among the batch of musical riddlers to rouse their fans with tantalizing subtlety. But after a guerilla campaign employing elusive symbolism around the streets London and Montreal, the promise of new music has finally been exposed.

    In anticipation of the band’s set at Primavera Sound in Barcelona this weekend, it was discovered by a fan on Twitter that a “super limited” Arcade Fire 12″, apparently titled “Everything Now,” is included among their merch.

    And evidently, some have already managed to cop the single, judging by a video posted today depicting the record being spun at Barcelona record store, Discos Paradisos. In the video, you can hear the song and full being played on the record store’s house audio rig.

    The single is the first release we’ve seen from the band since their topical, politically charged collaboration with soul legend Mavis Staples back in January.

    It was (likely accidentally) revealed by Vancouver radio station 102.7 The Peak yesterday in a (quickly deleted) tweet promising Arcade Fire set for Friday.

    Hours before the music was revealed, the band tweeted out a picture of a logo they’ve employed sporadically since February with the caption, “Stay tuned for Infinite Content.” Given that the title of the single has already been revealed to be “Everything Now,” the tweet has roused speculation that “Infinite Content” will likely be the title of the forthcoming album.

    Also deleted was a mysterious tweet published by a since-suspended account under the name Sasha M that included a brief video clip of the “Everything Now” 12″ artwork. The tweet, which was directed at fansite Arcade Fire Tube’s Twitter handle included the caption in Russian, “Всё сейчас контент два,” which translates in English to, “Everything now content two.” The video attached to the tweet can be viewed now via Arcade Fire Tube’s handle below.

    We were also recently given reason to expect a music video for the song in the near future, thanks to another since-deleted tweet. Days ago, CCA Celebrities, a South American casting agency issued a tweet congratulating one of their clients for his “part in the Arcade Fire music video.”

    Check out various snapshots of Arcade Fire’s international guerrilla-promo campaign in the lead-up to the “Everything Now” single below.