Listen: Sole, “No Presidents”

    Get a dose of political hip-hop with Sole’s “No Presidents,” the result of the Arizona rapper’s taking the beat from Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents” and adding his own element of verbal dissent. The last words on the track sum up Sole’s outlook on being an American citizen: “Anyone who tells you that voting is the highest form of civic duty is either lying or intellectually lazy.”

    “No Presidents” is a track off Sole’s “’90s-themed” Nuclear Winter 3 mixtape; his Kickstarter campaign to get his album A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing off the ground will be funded at the end of July. You can still donate for another day, though — Sole is putting out unreleased demos for every extra thousand bucks he gets, which is an example of capitalism that’s easy to get behind. Listen to “No Presidents” below and check out the dates for Sole’s “Fuck The Police State” tour here.