Download: Shlohmo Remixes Drake’s “Crew Love” With The Weeknd

    Update: At everyone’s request, including the Weeknd’s, Shlohmo has released the official studio version of his remix of Drake’s “Crew Love,” which features the Weeknd. You can download it for free right here. [TW]

    The story behind Shlohmo’s most recent Drake remix — he also tackled “Marvin’s Room” goes a little something like this. You see, he premiered his rework of Take Care standout “Crew Love,” which features the Weeknd, during the WEDIDIT Fest last year in Los Angeles. And since then, a live rip has been passed around the web so much that it made to the ears of the Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye himself. He updated his group’s Tumblr with a stream of the rip asking Shlohmo to “please release an official version.” We think you’ll agree with dude once you stream it for yourself below. This is great. [HT]