Listen: Rolling Stones’ Zombie-Inspired “Doom And Gloom”

    The Rolling Stones’ latest (and greatest!) greatest hits, the provactively-titled GRRR!, hits shelves Nov. 13, featuring all the songs you probably already own. But the Stones have included two new ones to sweeten the deal.

    For the first time in seven years, the band members were able to set aside their bickering to record in a studio together, and longtime producer Don Was captured them in all their geriatric glory. The first of these new songs, “Doom And Gloom” was unveiled on BBC Radio 2 earlier today. Crunchy guitars? Check. Rocking backbeat? Check. Mick Jagger singing about “Loozeeanna” and zombies? Uh, double check. Perhaps he’s just referring to his compatriots. Check it out via the lyric video below.