Listen: Queen Of K-Pop BoA Releases New Video For “The Shadow”

    Korea’s “Queen of K-pop” BoA (Kwon) just released her newest music video titled “The Shadow.” The second single coming off her 7th Korean studio album Only One, the song  blends rnb and hip-hop breaks over a silky smooth synth beat. Imagine a Korean Janet Jackson and you’d have a pretty good idea of where BoA is coming from. On top of the solid song, the music video kind of mixes not-so-freaky-esque scenes similar to what you may have seen in the film The Fountain. This is much prettier.

    At only 25 years old, BoA has been performing and recording well over a decade. She’s one of the first K-pop artists to break out of the South Korean market and make K-pop a global phenomenon. Now, she’s gone back to her K-pop roots on the Only One. It echoes the sweeter side of her musical ability compared to the previous album Hurricane Venus which was more electronic.

    But if one thing hasn’t changed, it’s her penchant love for dance. BoA will always have great choreographed moves in her music videos.

    Check out “Only One.” It’s the first single from the album of the same name:

    [All K Pop]