Listen: Patrick Wolf Covers Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born To Die’

    With his signature lush orchestration and velvety voice, Patrick Wolf might have just poured more emotion into a Lana Del Rey cover than Lana Del Rey has ever felt in her whole life. That, or he’s being sardonic: your call. Either way, it’s nice to hear the following pop ballad on someone else’s vocal chords. Stream Wolf’s take on “Born to Die” below:

    The androgynous crooner will be releasing an acoustic double record next month. While Sundark and Riverlight is full of new takes on old songs, there’s no Lana to be found on either disc. Check out the track list:


    1. Wind In The Wires
    2. Oblivion
    3. The Libertine
    4. Vulture
    5. Hard Times
    6. Bitten
    7. Overture
    8. Paris


    1. Together
    2. The Magic Position
    3. Bermondsey Street
    4. Bluebells
    5. Teignmouth
    6. London
    7. House
    8. Wolf Song

    Sundark and Riverlight will be released October 15.