Listen: Odd Future’s The Internet Release New Song, “They Say”

    As fellow Prefix writer Drew Millard hipped us to last month, Odd Future’s Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians have joined forces to create a new entity within the crew. They’re calling themselves the Internet and they’re making the first Odd Future-affiliated music you could actually play around your parents and younger siblings. Like previous leak “Love Song -1,” the Internet’s new track, “They Say,” is buttery smooth and expertly produced.

    You can hear touches of Martians’ other projects — the Super 3 and Jet Age of Tomorrow — within the futuristic, R&B-leaning layers of sharp percussion and keys. But it’s their vocals that truly stand out. Syd and Martians sound like they’ve been doing the R&B thing together for years here. To say that they have a bright future ahead of them would be an understatement. Also, this could be just what the genre needs.

    Stream “They Say” below. Their proper project is due out around Christmas, aka Dec. 25, of this year.