Listen: New Song From The Weeknd, “Initiation”

    Late last night, the Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye updated his social networking accounts with a message that simply stated “initiation… initiation… initiation.” And less than 24 hours later, he has done away with the mystery surrounding his statement by delivering a brand-new track, “Initiation.” It’s a much more hip-hop-oriented joint from the typically R&B-heavy crooner, who’s flexing his rapper chops here. He’s still doing the whole codeine-laced, falsetto-turned-screwed vocals thing, too. But his rapping — and the erratic, industrial production — is what really stands out here.

    Although information on the song remains minimal, I’m guessing that it will appear on the follow-up this past August’s stellar Thursday. As you might remember, Tesfaye said he had plans to release three mixtapes this year, with the third, Echoes of Silence, set to drop this fall. Hmm, I wonder when we’ll be hearing the full thing. For now, you can stream “Initiation” below and download it here.