Listen: New Mars Volta Song “The Malkin Jewel”

    With the Mars Volta’s new album, Noctourniquet, coming our way on March 27, it was only a matter of time before its music would start hitting the web. And that’s just what happened over the weekend thanks to Australian radio show Triple J. They premiered “The Malkin Jewel,” which quickly made its way to YouTube for everyone not living Down Under to hear.

    To call it “weird” or “interesting” would be too easy, though not completely mistaken. Because at first, the track sounds like something you might expect to hear on a Queens of the Stone Age album. That vibe actually remains for the entirety of “The Malkin Jewel,” but it does become more typical TMV toward the second half when everything starts to unravel.

    But what do you think? Does this sound promising or are you disappointed You can listen to the track below. [CoS]

    Update: It looks like the YouTube stream was taken down. Enjoy the snippet below and we’ll add a full stream when it reappears.