Listen: New Kanye West, Produced By DJ Khaled, “Theraflu”

    Earlier today it was reported that Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Friday practice of dropping new tracks from him and his label’s stable of performers was going to kick back in gear this week. We’re still expecting that, but looks like Yeezy used that as a feint: dude dropped a brand new track just this evening.

    Produced by DJ Khaled, this track “Theraflu” rips through a track with Ye riffing on the question, “Can a young ni**a get money anymore?” as Khaled rocks a banger of a track that has more than a few similarities to “Ni**as in Paris.” The material the type of braggadocio you expect from Kanye  (“Shut the fuck up when you talk to me/ Or I’ll embarass you” “Tell PETA my mink is hangin’ on the floor,” “If you could do it better than me/ Then you do  it.”), but West spits with a vigor that lends his stereotypes a racous energy. Check it out below. [HHNM]