Listen: New Eminem- “Bezerk”

    Let’s bring it back to that vintage Slim, bitch/The art of the MCing mixed with da Vinci and MC Ren/And I don’t mean Stimpy’s friend, bitch/Been public enemy since you thought PE was gym, bitch

    Two Beats by Dre commericals teased this abrasive new Eminem track during the VMAs,  and now it’s online in full, with the excitement around it bolstered by the news that Em’s upcoming album will be called The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

    Marshall spits that he’s bringing it back to “vintage Slim,” but while it is vintage in its stylistic reference points, it’s certainly not something we’ve ever seen from “Slim” or even regular old Eminem at any point in his career. It’s a sort of a rap-rock game Plunderphonics sound collage, grounded in the hyperkinetic energy of the Beastie Boys’ most beloved wile-outs, with the production density of a Public Enemy track. Both groups are name-checked, of course, because I believe that Eminem almost always knows exactly what he’s doing. Billy Squier is sampled.

    Notable also is a momentary response to Kendrick’s “Control” jibe, as well as two jokes about Future and Khloe Kardashian which do, in fact, recall the sensibility of “vintage Slim.”

    I guess celebrating the roots of rap (at least as he understood them in his early youth) in this disconcerting way is Eminem’s way of transitioning into his version of  OG status. He’ll be 41 in October, after all. It’s as good a way as any.

    Enjoy the song below.