Listen: Abjo Remix Of Beastie Boys On “ShotsAreSure”

    After perusing around the wonderful world of Soundcloud, I recently came across an artist that goes by the moniker of Abjo (and sometimes referred to as your midnight miscreant) hailing from sunnyside San Diego, California.  Abjo’s music takes a different turn from what can be heard on the usual radio play and what’s in constant rotation in mainstream media today. His sounds can be described as futuristic hip-hop, as it blends many different styles and genres together. It’s diggin’ in the crates meets boom bap mixed with an arrange of synths and hints of soul. And he has recently released a new track called “ShotsAreSure” in tribute to the Beastie Boys (R.I.P. MCA). Having put out a few digital albums and an EP on Bandcamp within only these past two years, one can only wonder what is next for this young artist as he continues to grace us with his music. Check out some of his tracks below, as Abjo flips a sample like the way you flip a pancake…effortlessly.

    Remix of Kanye’s track “Clique.”

    More info on artist here.