Listen: Michael Christmas “Is This Art?” (Album Stream)

    We are currently living in an era where there is an over-abundance of up-and-coming hip hop artists. It is getting to the point where the term “up-and-coming” is losing its power.  However, when an artist such as Michael Christmas comes along, the term can be used with no trace of doubt. Largely, this has to do with Christmas’s ability to charm his audience with his ability to make the mundane seem refreshing.  While most of us use music to escape into a fantasy world, Michael Christmas makes music that allows the ordinary individual reflect and laugh at the hilarity of everyday life.  A perfect example of this is “Daily.”

    “I heated up a hot pocket and shit, but that shit burned my mouth/and then I threw a fit/ But after that I ate it, and that shit was the greatest/ and then I masturbated. I felt like Brendan Frazier”

    Michael Christmas approaches his music the same way Louie C.K. approaches his comedy. Now, the Boston born rapper has released his debut album Is This Art? Even though I personally believe Michael Christmas has proven to be a standout artist in his own right, it is important to mention the impressive features: Mr. MFN Exquire, Childish Major, Alex Wiley, Rome Fortune, Thelonious Martin, and much more.


    (Via Pigeons & Planes