Listen: Mark Lanegan And Ralph Stanley Cover The Velvet Underground’s “White Light/White Heat”

    As befitting a movie written by Nick Cave, the new Shia LaBouf vehicle Lawless boasts some pretty grim, salt-of-the-earth music. Willie Nelson, Cave, Mark Lanegan, and Ralph Stanley will score preposterous scenes of trigger happy bootleggers as they blast their way through the Great Depression.

    Now, the last two of that list of artists have come forth with their performances. Both Lanegan and Stanley take on the Velvet Underground’s “White Light/White Heat,” albeit separately. Though it’d be cool to hear Lanegan and Stanley teamed up, this way we can appreciate how malleable a good Velvet Underground jam can be. Lanegan gets full-on twangy with his backing band the Bootleggers, while the bluegrass legend somehow makes Lou Reed’s words wistful and misty-eyed.

    Lawless the film comes out August 29, while the soundtrack hits stores a day earlier featuring a who’s-who of covered artists: in addition to the VU, we get Grandaddy, Link Wray, and Captain Beefheart, among others. Take a listen to the VU covers below. [Spin]