Listen: Lupe Fiasco’s SNDCLSH Remixes “Automatic” By The Pointer Sisters

    Lupe Fiasco’s love for electronic dance music was made terribly clear on his 2011 album, Lasers. But seeing how he’s clearly become hypnotized by the sounds of the wobble-wobble and oomp-tiss, the Chicago rapper has now taken on the role of DJ. He and DJ Sky Gellatly are SNDCLSH and relatively soon, we’ll be hearing a full EP that they have recorded together. 

    Their latest track, however, won’t appear on that project. It’s a one-off remix of one of their favorite tracks of all time, the Pointer Sisters’ classic single, “Automatic.” If somewhat predictable drops and rave scenes are your thing, you’re probably going to love this. Everyone else, I’m sorry Fiasco isn’t keeping busy writing rap songs. You can’t win ’em all, but you can stream/download the remix below.