Listen: Lil Wayne and Boo Freestyle on “Bugatti”

    The music Internet is going to be freaking out for the next week, disseminating every new shard of news that comes out about the popular rapper Kanye West’s new album Yeezus. They already are, and there’s no indication this behavior is going to let up anytime soon. I believe that every hip-hop fan should be sure, at this super-serious cultural moment, to squeeze some fun into their busy schedule before the big drop on the 18th. Remember: good hip-hop doesn’t have to be all Sturm und Drang, or anything other than fun.

    For instance, there’s this crude Wayne and Boo freestyle over the “Bugatti” beat.  It’s not Da Drought-level Weezy free association, but it’s certainly listenable. He shouts out recent Young Money signee Kevin Gates, and that’s nice to hear, since Gates is one of the most promising up-and-coming MCs of the past few years, and because this demonstrates that Wayne still has reasonable taste. He also does some fun Future impressions.

    I’ve already listened to this three-and-a-half minute thing way more than IANAHB II. One doesn’t listen to a competent recent Wayne verse and think, “He’s going to return and make a fantastic, game-changing comeback record someday- it’s going to be a concept album about New Orleans and Schoolboy Q and Kendrick and A$AP Whoever are going to be on it,” but you may sometimes think, “Here’s that guy I used to like.”

    My five favorite Weezy lines from the song are below, and below that is the song itself, which will show up on DJ Stevie 6’s upcoming mixtape The Appreciation 6.

    1. “She jumped on my d*ck like a monkey and sh*t/Monkey see, monkey do, banana clips/Shoot at those n*ggas, no camera glitch/wax that ass, no candlestick”

    2. “My n*ggas wild as Jumanji/You can call me an S.O.B. cause it’s skateboards over Bugattis/I used to be at them Heat games with better seats than Pat Riley/Don’t stop, pop that, don’t stop, pop that ollie”

    3. “Don’t be lookin for no donations/You get d*ck, then reservations/ I get p*ssy then hibernation/I start humping soon as I wake up”

    4. “Don’t be giving out information/You know n*ggas still on probation/ I get higher than expectations/You know, this is the Dedication”

    5. “I woke up in some new punani”