Listen: K-pop Star G-Dragon Of Big Bang Releases “One Of A Kind” (Music Video)

    G-Dragon of K-pop group Big Bang has finally released the first single “One Of A Kind” from his upcoming sophomore solo album. It’s been three years since he released his debut album Heartbreaker (which happened to receive a lot of controversy from the accusation that his track “Heartbreaker” was more than similar to Flo-Rida’s “Right Round.”)

    Kwon Ji-yong aka G-Dragon is probably the busiest and most prolific member of Big Bang. He’s had a busy career producing and performing with Big Bang, released an album with fellow member TOP, a solo album and now with another on the way.

    The new music video for “One Of A Kind” is an incredible mish-mash. Focusing on his return to a more hip-hop vibe, the flamboyant video is filled with more than enough neon colors to outshine a rainbow. There are probably more costumes that glitter than what’d you’d see in “Alice In Wonderland.” On top of that the dance moves over the thick beats and auto-tune just might hypnotize you into joining along. Big Bang member Taeyang also happens to make a guest appearance.

    Check out the music video below from one of South Korea’s prolific pop artists: 


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