Listen: Jeezy, Freddie Gibbs Remix “The Motto”

    If the remixes with Tyga and Snoop didn’t do it for you, it’s time to give “The Motto” another shot–as in a shot for me. Take a shot for me. The track, one of two iTunes bonus cuts off Drake‘s acclaimed Take Care album, which first featured Young Money headmaster Lil Wayne, is reworked here by Young Jeezy and his CTE apprentice, Freddie Gibbs.

    Because this beat is so location-specific, it’s cool to hear a dude from the south (Jeezy) and a guy from Indiana (Gibbs) rip it up. Actually, it was cool in the first place when a rapper from Toronto opted for a Bay Area backdrop. Anyway, this remix is as gangsta as you’d expect, and whether or not you listen to his music, you should be smiling when Gibbs mentions his carry-on. Stream the track below. [XXL]