Listen: Jack White’s Helium Balloon Single, “Freedom At 21”

    Two weeks ago today we reported that Jack White released a new single off his upcoming solo debut, Blunderbuss, by launching 1,000 helium balloons with seven-inch flexi discs attached. Some eventually landed and hit eBay for a few thousand dollars.

    The song itself, entitled “Freedom at 21,” has also made its way to the net. It rides a simple guitar lick for most of the track before a spiraling solo, with White delivering frantically melodic lines about a girl who’s “got freedom in the 21st century.” Having been ripped directly from the vinyl, this one stands out among “Sixteen Saltines” and “Love Interruption.” You can stream it below.

    Blunderbuss is officially out April 24 via Third Man Records. It begins streaming tonight at 9 p.m. PT through White’s own website. [Aux]