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Listen: Jack White Raps On Non-LP B-Side "Blues On Two Trees"

Tomorrow, Jack White's own Third Man Records will be releasing Blunderbuss' newest single, "I'm Shakin'" , which will feature a non-LP B-side entitled "Blues On Two Trees." 

To gear up for the release, the record label posted a preview of the previously unreleased track so fans could get a taste before purchasing the 7". The beginning of the thirty-two-second long teaser features Jack humming amongst backwoods style guitar picking and percussion, then all of a sudden a Meg White type drum beat snaps in and Jack starts....rapping?

Yes, you read that right, he raps. "Trees stand still, they don't move you see / That's more commitment than you'll get from me / So quit pretendin' you got love for thee, and leave me," he sings in a flow remeniscent of Beastie Boys. It's bizarre, it's interesting, and it's something that probably only Jack White can pull off.

Listen to a preview of "Blues On Two Trees" below.


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