Listen: How To Dress Well Covers Janet Jackson’s “Again”

    Janet Jackson’s “Again” was a monster hit: we’re talking platinum sales, two weeks topping the charts, and both Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for its use in her 1993 film debut Poetic Justice.

    Nineteen years later, a whole range of artists are laying claim to the kind of smooth R&B that soundtracked so many ’90s kids’ lives. One of these is How To Dress Well, the project for Brooklyn crooner Tom Krell. He’s got a sophomore album titled Total Loss coming out September 18, and as a bonus to those who pre-order the record, he’s throwing in an extra 7″ that features How To Dress Well’s cover of “Again.” Krell takes that original sterling melody and strips it down to its piano foundation, revealing the heart-rending aesthetic at the ballad’s core.

    You can find the pre-order at Acéphale’s website, and  you can listen/download below.