Listen: Grizzly Bear’s Highly Anticipated New Album ‘Shields’ Now Via NPR

    NPR got sneaky tonight and dropped a “First Listen” of Grizzly Bear’s forthcoming album Shields. Really, who is paying attention to such things late on a Sunday night?

    The new album which is due out on Sept 18 seems to be heading into a very different direction for Grizzly Bear. Yet, it seemingly fits.

    The opening track “Sleeping Ute” which has been circling around the internet for a month or so explodes from second one in a crash of percussion and multiple vocals and seemingly clashing rhythms and sounds. Imagine the boys channeling their inner love for free jazz and coupling it with the delicate craftsmanship that characterizes their unique brand of indie-something-or-other.  Interesting, intense and very intriguing.

    This restlessness continues throughout the album. A mess or a beautiful kaleidoscope? It’s probably best you just head on over to NPR right now and spend some time with the ten tracks to decide yourself.

    Listen to Shields via NPR now.