Listen: Grimes Performs Session For NPR’s World Cafe

    This is Claire Boucher’s year. Her work as Grimes has steadily built to the release of Visions, which deservedly picked up plenty of acclaim. Grimes appeared on World Café on NPR yesterday, where she performed a short set of three songs and discussed her sudden step into the spotlight. According to the interview, her tour with Lykke Li seems to have been key to her transformation from lo-fi bedroom artist to widescreen electro-alt-pop diva. And those masked vocals you’ve been struggling to decipher? Apparently they’re rendered that way due to Boucher’s speech impediment. Listen to the full session and interview over here, and check out the three-song track listing and video for “Oblivion” below. [via AHIAS]

    1. Genesis           
    2. Vanessa                       
    3. Symphony IX (My Wait is U)