Listen: Graham Coxon Offers Preview Snippets Of ‘A+E’

    It’s been a while since Blur guitarist Graham Coxon delivered a solo album, with 2009’s The Spinning Top the last effort on his own. It’s understandable, as Coxon had plenty of Blur-related matters to deal with in the last few years, but he also has a new solo record due for release in early April. A+E will contain 10 tracks, all of which can be previewed in brief clips in the YouTube stream below. This is never an ideal way to figure out which direction an album may be heading in, but there are definite shades of “Coffee & TV”-style pop here, as well as krautrock and heady psychedelic influences that hark back to his obvious Syd Barrett worship from the early Blur days. A+E will be released on April 2 through Parlophone.