Listen: Girls Generation’s “Mr. Taxi” Gets Remixed By Steve Aoki (Video)

    Well, it looks like Dim Mak matador Steve Aoki is getting into the K-pop craze as well. The label owner/producer/DJ took Girls Generation‘s magnetic electro popping track “Mr. Taxi” and prolonged it into a long trancing banger. Almost unrecognizable from the original’s electro bubble gum vibe other than the chants of “taxi taxi” the song really pushes it up with blasts of drilling dubstep beats.

    In an almost HBO “Taxi Cab Confessions” sort of way, but with Aoki as a hipster cab driver driving around hipsters – the songs blasts all night long in the background while the kids party in the back. And just like the original, cut scenes of his DJ performances are blown up all over the video. Now only if we had taxis like that in New York…  


    Original “Mr. Taxi” by Girls Generation: