Listen: G-Dragon’s “That XX” Kills South Korean K-Pop Charts, Announces Mini-Album

    G-Dragon, member of K-pop hearthrobs Big Bang took over the South Korean music charts with his new track “That XX.” The new single produced what is called  “perfect all-kill” in South Korea. The title is given “when an individual song sweeps all of South Korea’s major music charts and places first on the weekly iChart on Instiz.”

    His new single “That XX” made a complete 360 compared to his recently released track “One Of A Kind.” Rather than rehasing the out-of-this world electro hip-hop universe he created, he shows a much more sensitive side. The music video for the ballad includes new YG member Jenny Kim. 

    The song may not be chasing PSY’s “Gangnam Style” anytime soon. But along with PSY, 2NE1 and now G-Dragon, YG Entertainment seems to be doing pretty well for itself. In addition to G-Dragon’s “That XX” and PSY’s “Gangnam Style” producing a “perfect all-kill,” other label made Big Bang also did it with their single “Blue.”

    On top of that, G-Dragon has also announced that he will be releasing a new mini-album (EP for us here in the states) titled One Of A Kind. The new release will contain six songs including “That XX,” “One Of A Kind,” and a track featuring the upcoming new YG girl group (including Jenny Kim). Get the full listing here. It will be digitally released September 15 and then physically September 18.

    [All Kpop & Koreaboo]