Listen: Diplo & Vato Gonzalez’ New Song “Rasclat Riddim”

    It’s just around 3 p.m. My head hurts. I haven’t had any coffee today because I’m too lazy to go to the store. I instead tried drinking a bunch of tea, which didn’t really work. I just popped some Aleve and bam, what do I see when my eyes start to un-glaze over: a new jam from Diplo and Vato Gonzalez. Hello caffeine boost in the form of a song, the thick-as-hell “Rasclat Riddim.” Anyone suffering from the mid-afternoon blues should put down that Diet Coke, extra cup of coffee, or insides-rupturing Five Hour Energy Drink. Crank the volume, put on “Rasclast Riddim,” and feel the good vibes. Check it out below.