Listen: Common Responds To Drake On “Stay Schemin'” Remix

    Make no mistake, Common’s talking to Drake on the “Stay Schemin'” remix. But in case you need catching up, here goes: you might have heard that Drake fired some less-than-subliminal shots at Common on “Stay Schemin’,” which stems from Rick Ross’ Rich Forever mixtape. And you also might have heard that the whole “beef” started when Com dropped “Sweet.”

    Well, you can officially remove any quotes you have surrounding the term beef, because the Chicago rapper went all the way in on Drizzy on the “Stay Schemin'” remix. Common calls his now-nemesis “Canada dry,” refers to him as a “bitch ass ni**a” in the remix’s artwork, and even goes so far to throw a portion of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” at the end.

    That last tidbit is especially poignant for two reasons. Not only is Common making it clear that Drake “better say [his] name” in any future diss track, but Com’s also pointing out that Drizzy has covered the Destiny’s Child single live in concert.

    My favorite part, however, might be this: “Rapping all hard but you hardly like that/ [in mocking voice] You gon’ mess around and make me catch a body like that, oooh.” JESUS.

    Stream Common’s response below. [MTV]