Listen: Charles Hamilton Disses J. Cole On New Song

    Remember Charles Hamilton? Of course you do. He’s the dude from Harlem who landed on the XXL Freshmen list in 2009, loved the color pink just as much as he adored Sonic the Hedgehog, and saw his career fall to pieces because, well, he’s apparently crazy. Like, literally crazy, according to rumors that he was in a mental hospital. Oh, and he got punched in the face by his ex-girlfriend. And he had an absolute shitload of potential.

    But now? Well, Hamilton’s been all but off the radar, though he’s getting some buzz tonight after releasing a song that disses the hell out of J. Cole. Apparently the two rappers were close back in the day, but had a falling out that prompted this “song” to emerge. Basically, it’s a chance for Hamilton to vent about what are allegedly “real” things like that Cole doesn’t write his own lyrics and that it was Hamilton’s idea for Cole to sign with Roc Nation. He also calls Cole ugly. WTF. Listen below.