Listen: Big Sean Responds To Ludacris “Diss”

    If you keep up with hip-hop drama, you no doubt heard that Ludacris more than likely took shots at Big Sean and Drake on the 1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First Time mixtape. In case you haven’t heard, here’s a quick catch-up for you: He sounded pissed on mixtape cut “Bada Boom” about the fact he was called out by Big Sean and Drizzy for ruining the “Supa Dupa”/hashtag flow on “My Chick Bad.” Example: “I fill her up/Balloons!” Ugh, personally, I think Nicki Minaj is the bigger culprit with this shit-tastic punch line: “It’s going down/Basement.” Yikes.

    Anyway, Big Sean recently spoke with the DJs at the KUBE 93 radio station, who asked the Detroit native about the supposed “beef.” Big Sean pretty much downplays the entire situation while noting that Luda must be responding to the aforementioned comments about “My Chick Bad.” Here’s a snippet of Big Sean’s response:

     “I ain’t got no problems with Luda, I never did. I think he’s referring to an interview I did over a year ago. Literally over a year ago. But in the interview I said he’s a legend.

    “So [some interviewers] asked me, ‘What’s a good example of [the Supa Dupa flow] and what’s a bad example of it?’ And I think I said [Luda’s] ‘balloons’ line. But I’m telling you this was over a year ago. I can’t believe this was something that’s been lingering this long…I don’t have no problems with Luda. I didn’t even know he cared that much, for a year, to be thinking about what I said in interviews…I think Luda is the best, I think he’s a legend.”

    Surprised? I’m not. Hip-hop beef these days is dead before it even starts to warm up. And I highly doubt Drake is going to respond. You can stream the audio from Big Sean’s interview below. [HHDX/HHNM]