Listen to “Bey-Z”: The Ultimate Beyoncé & Jay Z Mashup Album

    Producer Amorphous delivers a megastar mashup featuring 8 songs from the legendary couple

    A collaborative album between the megastar wife and husband has been rumored for years. The very notion is the stuff of diehard fan’s dreams. But in reality, with each passing year, such an album looks less and less likely. No disrespect to Shawn Carter, but at 47 years of age and his last solo classic album being The Black Album (we don’t count Watch the Throne – we all know who the mastermind behind that was) soon to be turning 15 years old, and Beyoncé’s effervescent star eternally rising, such an album might just be too off-brand for the Queen Bey at this point.

    But, thanks to producer and mash-up king Amorphous, we no longer have to wonder what such an album would sound like.

    The buzz is strong with this one, as you can see Amorphous reacting via his Twitter account:

    The producer wrote about his process for Bey-Z. “Late last night I came up with the idea to create a mashup album of some of Beyoncé & Jay Z’s songs, as a tribute to both of these artists. I used to run around the house with my hat on backwards rapping Jay Z when I was younger, and I admire Beyoncé for her artistry and work ethic.”

    The eight-song tracklist is as follows:

    1. Beyoncé x Jay-Z – Partition Frontin’ 03:48
    2. Beyoncé x Jay-Z – Formation Who? 04:00
    3. Beyoncé x Jay-Z – XO Life 04:14
    4. Beyoncé x Jay-Z – Irreplaceable Song 04:28
    5. Beyoncé x Jay-Z – Can I Get A Partition? 03:51
    6. Beyoncé x Jay-Z – Baby Boy Is Mine 03:42
    7. Beyoncé x Jay-Z – Pimpin’ Diva 03:24
    8. Beyoncé x Jay-Z – ***Flawless Keys (Feat. DJ Khaled & Future) 03:20

    You can listen to the entire album via Amorphous’ Bandcamp. Listen now and follow the Orlando-based artist’s Twitter to stay up to date on his many projects including an Aaliyah x Beyoncé mashup album as well as an Aaliyah documentary. The hustle never ends!