Listen: Ben Folds Five Drops Three New Tracks From Long-Awaited New Album

    Bands like Ben Folds Five are one of those unique groups that is able to stay together, sell records and continue to tour well after their hey-day as passed them. While many have moved on to different bands, styles and listening habits, bands like Ben Folds Five hold on endlessly to a core group of fans who will seemingly be there until the static of collective hearing aids from the audience forces the band to quit playing live.

    It also allows the band to spend thirteen years without new music and still create a (mild) buzz. Via Soundcloud and Youtube (these things didn’t exist when their last album was released!), the band dropped three new songs from their forthcoming LP, The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind.

    From the sounds of it, the three haven’t really missed a step. Their immediately recognizable brand of piano-driven earnest pop music is showcased on the energetic “Michael Praytor, Five Years Later” and “Do It Anyway” while “Sky High” revisits the sound of the understated ballad “Brick.”

    Have a listen below.


    01. Erase Me

    02. Michael Praytor, Five Years Later

    03. Sky High

    04. The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind

    05. On Being Frank

    06. Draw A Crowd

    07. Do It Anyway?08. Hold That Thought

    09. Away When You Were Here

    10. Thank You For Breaking My Heart

    The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind hits stores on Sept 18 via ImaVeePee Records/Sony Music Entertainment.