Listen: Bassnectar & Lupe Fiasco’s “Vava Voom”

    Lupe Fiasco’s fascination with electronic music really does go back to his more experimental tracks on his sophomore album, The Cool. But he fully embraced the sound on last year’s LASERS, a middling if not thoroughly disappointing affair. Part of the problem is that dude’s always seemed like he wanted to still make hip-hop, but then he would go and make a track remixing Ellie Goulding.

    With all that in mind, it’s not surprising at all that he appears on Bassnectar’s throbbing new single, “Vava Voom.” Don’t listen to this one expecting Fiasco to get introspective or particularly clever. The screwed vocal sample of “This the tune bada-bing, bada-boom” pretty much sums it up: Play this at the highest volume, take some kind of pill, and enjoy. Otherwise, you’re not really going to dig it. Also, beware of drops.

    You can stream the track at below.