Listen: 2KWTVR Samples Mariah Carey’s “Emotions” For “Body Feelings”

    Shlohmo’s not even aware of the dude’s real name, but that didn’t stop the Bay Area producer from asking 2KWTVR to join the WEDIDIT Collective. If that name looks familiar, then chances are you, too, were digging his and Shlohmo’s joint remix of Salva’s “Yellobone.” This time around, though, we’re hearing the pure remixing/editing work of 2KWTVR himself on “Body Feelings.”

    As soon as it starts, you’re more than likely going to recognize the chipmunked vocal sample. Yeap, that’s Mariah Carey’s classic pop single, 1991’s “Emotions,” which has been turned into the woozy, albeit slightly caffeinated, club banger. The end result is “Body Feelings,” an excellent display of when slightly trappy drums, vocal samples, and bouncy club vibes can join as one.

    You can Stream the track below and download it here.