Lionel Richie Deemed “Too Boring” for Biopic

    Apparently Lionel Richie got invited into the office of a Hollywood producer to talk about the possibility of doing a biopic about the singer (and to talk a little bit about the feasibility of

    dancing on ceilings

    ). After the meeting, Richie left disgusted because the executive told him that his life was "too boring" for the big screen.

    "I’ve been approached in the past by Hollywood about a book or a movie about my life but you know it never happens. They said to me, ‘Let’s talk about your ghetto experiences,’ and I said, ‘Well, I lived on the college campus so I didn’t really have any.’


    "So then they asked: ‘Ok, let’s talk about your father and mother breaking up…’ and I said: ‘That never happened, my mother, who was a school principle, and my father, who was a systems analyst, were fine…’

    "So then they asked, ‘Let’s talk about the struggle within your group The Commodores.’ And I said, ‘Excuse me but I had (a) hit record in my senior year in college.’ Then the producer turned round to me and replied. ‘This is the worst story I’ve heard in my whole life. There is no tragedy.’ "

    LOL at "no tragedy". What about loving a woman

    who is blind

    and somehow can make a sculpture of your face without ever seeing you? And what about his afro ponytail? Wasn’t that tragic?


    It’s also pretty funny that someone thought that Lionel Richie would be ripe for a biopic essentially because he was black, and may or may not have had parental/environment problems, and and had no idea that Lionel Richie is pretty boring. What’s next? A Huey Lewis and the News biopic that hinges on their song being stolen for the


    soundtrack? Wait, I might watch that. Provided they give the role to Jude Law. [

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