Lion Bites Bloc Party Guitarist (Seriously, And It Gets Worse)

    In news from the animal kingdom, a lion cub bit Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack while he was touring through South Africa with his band, Ash.


    During their tour, which included dates in Johannesburg and Cape Town (where super heroes live), Lissack and Ash frontman Tim Wheeler decided to visit a wild animal sanctuary to better experience up close the sort of fauna African has to offer. The lion, obviously not a fan of Lissack’s music, bit the guitarist, drawing blood and causing a trip to the hospital.


    As if getting bit by a lion isn’t enough, and with this being South Africa, shit got even real-er hours after Lissack’s visit, with the entire hospital going on lock down after two patients died suddenly due to an unidentified virus. THEN, the band got in a car crash on their way back to their hotel (no one was hurt). And to think, all Lissack wanted to do was play with a lion cub.