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Linkin Park & Trey Songz Hit Top Of Billboard

Big week on the Billboard charts this week: Linkin Park hit the number one spot, selling 241,000 copies of their A Thousand Suns LP. But Linkin Park very nearly lost to R&B boner Trey Songz, who sold 240,000 copies of Passion, Pain & Pleasure. If only 1,001 more Trey Songz fans would have bought his album, then we could talk about the reemergence of R&B, instead, Linkin Park prove we're not ready to move on past the mainstream rock bands of the '90s. [Billboard

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Linkin Park
Trey Songz

If Linkin Park came out in the 90's, you might have a point.


Actually they formed in 96' as the band Xero then changed the name to Hybrid Theory when Chester joined eventually changing their name to LP, and releasing their first "LP" in 2000. I actually love their album they released in 99' as Hybrid Theory.


Thank goodness. Hopefully one day we'll be talking about R&B's demise.


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