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Linkin Park to Help Michael Bay Ruin <i>Transformers 2</i>

Michael Bay is certainly not someone who needs any help ruining a movie. Give the man enough money, and he will not waste any time indulging in enough explosions, melodrama, and needless product placement to make your head spin around and projectile vomit on any unfortunate soul who also paid ten dollars to walk into the auditorium.


Apparently though, for his highly anticipated Transformers 2, Bay thought he could use some help in the heavy-handed trash department and picked nü metal offspring Linkin Park to help score, and thus make a little crappier, his enormous summer blockbuster.


Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda wrote in his blog, "My bandmates and I are working with award-winning film composer (and resident ass-kicker) Hans Zimmer. We met with Hans last week, and heard some of the incredible things he and his guys have done with our new song." Hopefully what Zimmer has done with the songs has been enough to make the trace of Linkin Park completely unrecognizable.


Transformers 2 hits theatres June 24.


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Linkin Park

I wonder if they'll have a black Transformer that talks in shuck and jive and pees on people in this one.

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whats up with this hater?


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