Lindsey Lohan Appears In Video For R.E.M.’s “Blue,” Directed By James Franco (Video)

    According to Lindsay Lohan, she and James Franco are “like best friends” and they hang out. Further reports speculate that the two are also committed to a handful of odd projects together, including an explicit photography book and a purported “Lindsay Lohan type” movie that may or may not star Lindsay Lohan.

    First up, however, is the music video for R.E.M.‘s (feat. Patti Smith) “Blue” (from their final album Collapse Into Now), which Franco directed. Lohan makes a cameo appearance, posing for controversial photographer Terry Richardson (with whom she’s rumored to be working on the sex photo book), shot in front of a backdrop featuring LA in a hazy, saccharine palette. It’s very Franco, given his fondness for vintage hues and how he romanticizes the shit out of the same things you romanticized in college (to be fair, he was recently in college). “Blue” views Hollywood through a pulp-y Hollywood lens: stripclubs, faceless crowds, Tinseltown landmarks like the Chateau Marmont, nighttime aerial shots of the city… it works with the song, which expresses a similarly sprawling isolation. Watch the video below. [Pitchfork]