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Lily Allen dials in a threat to Katy Perry

Never one to turn down a right hook to a dead horse, Lily Allen is now threatening to publish Katy Perry's phone number on her Facebook page. The UK songstress is still angry over Katy's previous remarks calling herself a fatter Amy Winehouse, but a thinner Lily Allen. Perry tried to make nice with a public apology, but all was not forgotten as British news the Sun reveals that Allen will release the digits if another negative remark is made.  While Katy Perry doesn't appear to have any trouble selling records, Lily Allen should remember the sudden success of Mike Jones after revealing his phone number. Be prepared for Lily Allen's mobile and home numbers taped to the back of her follow-up album It's Not Me It's You due out next month. [AngryApe]


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Katy Perry
Lily Allen

Hahahaha... since when is the Sun "news." That's like citing Star Magazine (but worse) as a news source.

Gabi Porter

The both of them (if this is all true) remind me of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. All talk but no point. And whiny.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif imatotempole

Why dont they just kiss and make up? Sure, katy said some harsh words that would probably upset anyone and i dont blame lilly for getting mad, but seriously, it was just a joke. Stop being so dramatic, let it go and settle your differences over a cup of coffee!!!


Lily Allen is a weird bltch for not letting anyone in her myspace (even if they wanted to) it says to enter you must put in her last name.. Anyway Allen if a whiny ass little snit and Katy is cool. Besides How easy is it to change a number. Allen is a freakin weirdo.

Rich West

what is her phone number


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